Our in-studio and at-home yoga classes begin with a centering moment to focus on your breath and to calm your mind. Each class ends with savasana – a deep relaxation for your body, mind, and spirit.

Our teachers carefully curate playlists for their classes that match the energy and intention of each Moonbird Yoga class inviting you to drift into moments of bliss.

Hatha Yoga


Foundational yoga poses.

Strength, stability, and alignment.

Hatha is generally slower-paced. Your body explores each pose with longer holds, spending less time and effort on transitions.

Hatha classes offer you space to learn and delve deeper into your practice.

Hatha offerings at the studio

  • Hot Hatha: our “hottest” class, all level
  • Hot Hatha+Core: hot all level class with additional core work
  • Hatha 1: the perfect entry level foundational (and fun) class
  • Hatha Vibes: all level class with fun vibey music
Hatha Yoga


Movement and breath.

Align, sweat, and vibe.

Vinyasa is about movement and flow. Transitions are as meaningful as landing the pose to come. As your body moves in alignment with your breath, you’ll find a sense of calmness. Vinyasa classes lead you on a journey of discovering grace in challenge.

Vinyasa offerings at the studio

  • Heated Vinyasa: heated all level class with rhythmic movement and meditative flow
  • Heated Vinyasa Vibes: heated all level class with loud(er) vibey music
  • Vinyasa 1: the perfect entry level vinyasa class
  • Flow+Strength: all level yoga plus weights = an amazing work-in and work-out
  • Flow+Stretch: all level mix of slow flow and long stretch holds
  • Flow+Restore: all level mix of slow flow and blissful rest
Hatha Yoga


Power of calmness. Rest, healing, and surrender. Gentle yoga classes invite restoration and ease. Open yourself to the power of stillness and release. Open to all levels.
Hatha Yoga


Release into stillness.

Passive, peaceful stretch.

Yin classes stretch your body and your mind as you let go of all resistance. Yin practice asks that we steady the mind while seeking the edge of discomfort. Open to all levels.


Hatha Yoga
level 1

Beginner and experienced. The beginner learns asana (poses) through detailed explanation of technique, building strength and stability safely. The experienced student is challenged by diving deeper into poses.

Hatha Yoga
level 2
Intermediate. For students with basic knowledge of asana (poses). Less time on technique. More time to delve deeper into asana variations and, perhaps, philosophy.
Hatha Yoga
All levels. You create your own experience based on your ability. The teacher guides and supports all levels, encouraging growth and tapping into intuition.
Hatha Yoga

Private Instruction

Not ready to join a group class? Or perhaps you want some individual instruction to move you forward in your practice? A private yoga session may be an amazing option for you!

Based upon individual needs, private sessions range from detailed pose guidance and deep adjustments, injury recovery, pre- and post-natal yoga, cancer recovery, to in-depth meditation instruction. For newer students, private lessons provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal, detailed posture instruction. Experienced practitioners will advance their practice. Send us a message and let us know what you are curious about exploring in yoga!